Terms of Use


Welcome to Samplesso, your new go-to for accessing delightful samples from brands you love! In this document, we’ll refer to our service simply as “the Service”. We aim to create a positive, safe, and legal environment for all users – that’s where these Terms of Use come in, henceforth known as “the Terms”.

“We”, “us”, and “our” in these Terms refer to Samplesso. And you, the aspiring user of our service, are referred to as “you” or “your”. When we talk about the “website”, it includes our main site hosted at [www.samplesso.com], any subdomains we might have, and any software widgets we provide.

Accessing our website is open to all, but to dive into the world of samples, you’ll need to agree to these Terms as laid out here.

Claiming a Sample

Getting your hands on a sample is a simple process! Fill out a form with your basic details and a delivery address. By submitting this form, you confirm that the information is current and correct.

You’ll also see a checkbox to accept these Terms. Ticking this box is key to claiming your sample. It’s like a virtual handshake – a contract between you and us, based on these Terms. No overwhelming commitments, just a simple agreement each time you engage with Samplesso.

Keep in mind, as we innovate and grow, these Terms may evolve.


In order to claim a sample, you’ll provide us with some personal details. This information is protected by laws like the Data Protection Act 1998, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and any successor legislation. We respect your privacy and handle your data according to our Privacy Notice, which is part of these Terms.

We aim to make Samplesso accessible to many, but there are some age restrictions due to legal reasons. Please confirm you are either over 18 or if between 13 and 18, have your parent or guardian’s consent.

By accepting these Terms, you create a binding agreement with us. This contract is exclusively yours; it cannot be sold or transferred. As we evolve, we might need to assign this contract to another business, but we’ll always maintain the integrity of the service and your rights within it.

Your Use of our Service

Samplesso is what we all make it. By agreeing to these Terms, you promise to use the Service only for its intended purposes and not for any unauthorized or harmful activities.

Share the joy with friends, but remember, using our Service for commercial gain without our consent is off-limits. Respect the one-sample-per-person rule to ensure fairness.

As you experience the samples, we’d love your feedback! But let’s keep it clean and respectful. Any content that is offensive or illegal in nature is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of your access to the Service.

Intellectual Property

The look, feel, and function of Samplesso are all proprietary to us – from the website design to the text and graphics. We grant you a license to use our intellectual property for your personal use concerning the Service but not for any commercial purposes.

We confirm our right to distribute the samples you request, but remember, their legality might vary based on where you are, so do check local laws if unsure.


We’re always working to improve our Service, adding new features and sometimes retiring old ones. Our right to modify the Service is reserved, and we’ll aim to inform you of any significant changes.

While we facilitate sample distribution, we don’t produce the samples themselves. Any concerns about the samples should be directed to the respective brand.

Limitations and Liabilities

We’re committed to providing a great service, but there are legal limits to our liability, especially regarding indirect or consequential losses. Also, we’re not responsible for things beyond our control, like internet service failures.

By using Samplesso, you agree to these limitations and acknowledge that our liability is strictly limited to the terms described here.

Communication and Notices

We’ll communicate with you about any important changes via notifications or email. For contractual purposes, electronic communications will be deemed as ‘written’ notices.

If you need to send us notices, use the address provided on our website. We’ve detailed how and when notices are considered received in these Terms for clarity and legal efficacy.


These Terms, together with our Privacy Notice, create a binding agreement between you and us as soon as you check the ‘accept’ box. Governed by your local law, any disputes arising will be handled in the appropriate courts.

We hope you enjoy exploring and sampling with Samplesso.