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At Samplesso, we have two goals: Transform users’ shopping experience with curated free samples, while helping our partners, increase their sales and build customer trust.

We’re driven by two core missions

For our Members

Exclusive curated free samples

Dive into the world of Samplesso, where every sample is a stepping stone to exciting new products tailored just for you. We’re not just offering free samples; we’re redefining the way you explore and experience products.

Samplesso is your personal gateway to discovering items that align with your lifestyle and preferences, transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary journey of discovery.

For our Business Partners

Targeted exposure and sales growth

Partner with Samplesso and unlock the potential of strategic product sampling. We’re committed to connecting your brand with the right audience, turning curiosity into sales, and one-time trials into long-term customer loyalty.

Our platform doesn’t just offer visibility; it offers a pathway to sustainable growth and a deeper understanding of consumer preferences.


Targeting Precision

Cut through the noise and connect directly with your ideal consumers. At Samplesso, we specialize in pinpointing your target demographic to ensure that every sample reaches the right hands, maximizing impact and efficiency.


Engaging Experiences

Elevate your brand to the spotlight with bespoke sampling campaigns designed by Samplesso.


Tangible Results

With Samplesso, every sample is a stepping stone towards measurable success. We’re committed to driving tangible outcomes from increased brand awareness to a surge in sales.

Study at Your Own Pace

Discover the Power of Precision Sampling with Samplesso

Why Choose us?

Join us at Samplesso, where your product sampling becomes the catalyst for growth and customer loyalty.

Personalized Targeting

We don’t just reach audiences; we reach your audience. With us, you invest in precision targeting that yields higher engagement and conversion rates.

Impactful Brand Experiences

Transform sampling into storytelling. From the first touchpoint to the last, we craft moments that tell your brand’s unique story, creating a lasting impression and fostering brand loyalty.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our campaigns are backed by robust analytics to give you a clear picture of performance. Real-time insights allow for agile marketing decisions, ensuring your campaign’s effectiveness and efficiency. With our transparent reporting, you can measure success and adapt strategies with confidence.

Our Members Testimonials

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Samplesso Reviews

“Samplesso turned me into a believer! The quality of samples and the care in packaging made each delivery feel like a special gift. Can’t wait for more!”
Olivia • London
“The joy of discovering new products without the commitment of a full purchase has been fantastic. Samplesso is like a personal shopper for exciting samples.”​
Patricia • Toronto​
“Receiving my Samplesso box feels like uncovering hidden treasures. The variety and quality of products have been exceptional. It’s always an adventure in a box!”
Megan • California​
“Unboxing my Samplesso surprises is the highlight of my month! The variety and quality of products are unmatched. It’s a fantastic way to try new things without any commitment.”
Mia • Sydney​